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Angel, Coil & Bartlett is a Bozeman, Montana law firm with trial attorneys specializing in Montana family law. If you are looking for a Montana family law lawyer in the Bozeman, Belgrade, Livingston, Manhattan, Three Forks, West Yellowstone, Big Timber or other Southwest Montana cities and towns, contact our law firm to speak to one of our attorneys to assess your case. Regardless of where you are located in Montana, our attorneys are willing and able to travel to your particular city to represent you in your case. Our attorneys have represented clients throughout the State of Montana.

Montana family law is a specialized area of Montana law involving complicated legal issues. At Angel, Coil & Bartlett, our attorneys represent Montanans who are going through difficult times. As a client of our firm, you will benefit from our attorneys’ dedication to bringing family law cases to a favorable conclusion through skillful negotiation tactics and/or trial. Although people generally use the terms “child custody” and “divorce” to describe their family law issues, Montana law uses the terms “parenting” and “dissolution of marriage” and the law’s terminology can often add confusion to the family law litigant. Individuals dealing with family law issues often arrive in our office under a great deal of stress. The client’s stress is often exacerbated by feelings of heartache, pain, despair, and fear of the unknown.

The attorneys at Angel, Coil & Bartlett understand and are here to provide you with a helping hand as your case winds through Montana’s judicial system. The attorneys at Angel, Coil & Bartlett represent clients in a variety of family law related areas. Our lawyers will represent your interests and our services include, but are not limited to, drafting and negotiating Montana parenting plans in child custody cases, drafting and negotiating property settlements in dissolution of marriage proceedings (divorce proceedings), negotiation of the division of retirement proceeds, representing clients in Montana protective order proceedings (Montana restraining order proceedings), and representing clients in mediations and trials.

Our attorneys realize that the vast majority of clients dealing with family law issues have little or no prior experience with the Montana judicial system. Consequently, we understand the additional stress our clients endure when they are dealing with the Montana court system and our attorneys are committed to helping you through the process and serving as a strong advocate who is on your side. Considering that family law is one of our specialty areas of practice, our attorneys are in an ideal position to look at your predicament with empathy and understanding.

At Angel, Coil & Bartlett, we are committed to treating you with the respect and dignity that you deserve and look forward to serving you in your time of need. If you are struggling with family law issues in Montana, contact our law firm to speak to one of our Montana family law attorneys. Angel, Coil & Bartlett is comprised of a dedicated team of family law attorneys committed to protecting your legal rights and helping you navigate the Montana family law system. Contact us today for a free telephone consultation with one of our lawyers and an appointment with our firm.