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William Bartlett attorney in bozeman montana

William A. Bartlett

Bozeman lawyer, Bill Bartlett, earned his bachelor’s degree in 1971 and juris doctorate in 1976 from the University of Puget Sound. Being raised in a rural, eastern North Dakota community, he grew up in an environment where people were constantly available to assist others. Helping others continues to motivate Bill in his personal and professional lives.  His law practice focuses on criminal defense.

Brian Fay attorney in bozeman montana

Brian P. Fay

Bozeman attorney Brian P. Fay has practiced law in Montana since 1990. Mr. Fay is a partner at the law firm of Angel, Coil and Bartlett where he handles state and federal criminal cases as well as civil cases including personal injury and insurance disputes. He earned his J.D. at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts. He earned his BA from Boston College where he graduated with Honors with a degree in Philosophy.

Christopher Angel attorney in bozeman montana

Christopher R. Angel

Christopher R. Angel has been a practicing member of the Montana State Bar since 1996. Mr. Angel is a partner in the law firm of Angel, Coil & Bartlett, located in Bozeman, Montana (one block from his birth place) where he focuses on insurance and personal injury matters for his clients.

HIllary Prugh Carls attorney in bozeman montana

Hillary Prugh Carls

Hillary Prugh Carls, Bozeman attorney, has practiced law in Montana since 2006. She is a partner at the law firm of Angel Coil & Bartlett where she primarily focuses on litigation for her clients, specializing in personal injury, insurance disputes, and criminal defense. She represents only individuals. Prior to joining Angel, Coil & Bartlett, she was law clerk to the honorable Chief Judge Robert Coats of the Alaska Court of Appeals.

Mark J. Luebeck attorney in bozeman montana

Mark J. Luebeck

Mark Luebeck is a partner with the law firm of Angel, Coil & Bartlett.  Prior to joining the firm, he served as a law clerk for the U.S. District Court of the District of Montana and the Montana Office of the State Public Defender practicing criminal defense. His current law practice focuses primarily on personal injury, insurance law, and criminal defense.

P. Timothy Hammer attorney in bozeman montana

Timothy P. Hammar

Timothy Hammar is a Bozeman attorney and partner with the law firm of Angel, Coil & Bartlett. His law practice focuses on probate, estate administration, estate planning, personal injury and insurance disputes, civil litigation, business acquisition and formation, property disputes, and contract law.

Daniel P. Buckley attorney in bozeman montana

Daniel P. Buckley

Dan Buckley is a partner with the law firm of Angel, Coil & Bartlett and has been practicing law in Bozeman, Montana since 1994. His law practice focuses primarily on personal injury and insurance law.

Ryan D. McCarty attorney in bozeman montana

Ryan D. McCarty

Ryan D. McCarty received his Juris Doctorate in 2005 from the University of Montana School of Law in Missoula. He has been practicing law in Bozeman, Montana since 2006 and became a partner at Angel, Coil & Bartlett in 2015. His current practice focuses primarily on criminal defense, personal injury, insurance matters, and family law.

Eric Goldwarg attorney in bozeman montana

Eric Goldwarg

Eric Goldwarg’s litigation practice focuses on family law (including Collaborative Divorce), general civil disputes, landlord/tenant matters, criminal defense, and personal injury law. Prior to joining the firm in 2017, Mr. Goldwarg enjoyed a general litigation practice in Vermont and New Hampshire for five years, with a particular emphasis on family law.

Michael C. Coil

Retired 2017

Charles F. Angel

1932 – 2005